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Zebra Bullhead Shark, is a species of a friend shark in Abyssrium.


To unlock Zebra Bullhead Shark it's necessary to have Star Horn Coral, and at least 60 total friends.


A zebra bullhead swimming low to the ocean floor.

The zebra bullhead shark, is a species of bullhead shark found in the central Indo-Pacific between latitudes 40°N and 20°S, from Japan and Korea to Australia. It is typically found at relatively shallow depths down to 50 m (160 ft), but off Western Australia, it occurs between 150 and 200 m (490 and 660 ft). It can reach a length of 1.25 m (4.1 ft). The reproduction of this bullhead shark is oviparous. A common trait in the bullhead sharks is their habits of swimming low to the ocean floor


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