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Whale Shark, is a friend shark in Abyssrium.


The Whale Shark is unlocked randomly when starting the game upon notification. it has a 10 % chance of being unlocked after not playing the game for 2 hours.

2 Whale sharks are required to fuse a Whitecheek Shark, along with 100 clams, 50 urchins, 40 crabs and 30 krill.


Size comparising an adult whale shark with an adult human.

Whale shark is the biggest fish on earth and measure around 13 m (43 ft), and weighs around 25 t (83,000 lb). Despite it's giant size it's very pacific and swimmers normally swim around it. They eat mainly plankton. Cleaner fish, such as suckerfish, normally swim around it and eat food scraps, and search protection.


  • Whale sharks in Abyssrium have an abnormal color, since whale sharks in real life are normally brown, or livid.
  • Compared with large whales such as sperm whale and humpback whale, whale shark is strangely much smaller in game, while in real life whale shark can reach the length as long as that of the whale's above.