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This information was provided by a lovely reddit user : u/JapeCity

Hello everyone. It seems that many of us have encountered some pretty gnarly vitality walls as of late. I've encountered several such walls, reaching points that seemed almost impossible to get past. It was so bad at one point that I thought the game was mathematically miscalculating values, though, I later came to realize that I was overlooking a few things. And alas, I believe I have found a solution:

Some Things to Note:

  • Everything I’m going to write is based on my personal observation, and therefore, may not be perfect. Feel free to add any suggestions or offer revisions.
  • For the sake of consistency, I’ll be using the level “NK" throughout the post.

The Obvious Things

  • You have to watch ad loops to get any sort of serious vitality production. Your formula should always be:
  • Open Treasure Chest (if present) > Cast Moon’s Song > Cast Whale’s Blessing > Cast Bird Chorus > Watch Free Vitality Ad > Upgrade Corals/Berg > Repeat
  • Take advantage of Blessing of Snow (BoS) whenever you get it
  • Your iceberg and coral levels should be staying in pretty close harmony as you progress. If you notice that one is lagging far behind the other (i.e. if your berg is at NK and corals are around NC—or vice-versa—you’ll want to get them synchronized)

Some Tips

  • I will often wait to open a chest (they seem to drop every two ad loops) or to do one of the free treasure drops until my skills are ready to pop and the free skill refresh is ready to be used immediately. That way, you can get the most possible ad loops out of your BoS. If a chest is floating in the water and you open it when your ad refresh is still counting down, you’re putting yourself at a loss here. It’s hard to wait, I know.
  • Upgrade your Resurrection Tower Coral. The more you upgrade it, the less time between ad cooldowns. This makes a massive difference, especially when BoS is active. 
  • Upgrade your Moon’s Song. Makes a big, big difference.
  • Make sure to use all of your free treasure discovery draws. Once you get all of the white common structures maxed out, you’ll begin receiving BoS, Vig. Plankton, or instant vitality instead of redrawing the same building materials (getting BoS will be a huge help here)
  • Collect your daily vitality reward when you have both BoS and Moon’s Song active. I believe you’ll receive it at a multiplied rate. ALSO, wait to collect this until you find yourself against a particularly difficult wall. It’ll give you a much-needed boost to upgrade the closest affordable coral/berg.

Iceberg: You want to start here, as much of your vitality production flows from your frozen friend. Some people say to always have your iceberg ahead of your corals, but I’ve had crazy vitality spikes with the opposite being true as well, so I think it just depends. Just keep them close in level. Only upgrade your berg when you can do it x100. There are times though, where I will wait to upgrade it until I can bring the yellow circle fully around. This involves waiting an entire three levels (NK, NM, NQ, or whatever) while you upgrade your corals. Sometimes pouring vitality into it before you can bring it full circle is will result in you spending without a noticeable return. 

Corals: According to what I’ve noticed, this is the most important part of the process but is also the easiest part to do incorrectly. You will get absolutely massive vitality spurts from properly upgrading corals. It’s all about timing here.

  • Just like your iceberg, upgrade coral only when you can do it x100
  • Always upgrade from the bottom up, as corals further down the list have the best cost-to-production ratio
  • If you are experiencing a wall, look for the closest coral to upgrade. This is where you can deviate from the bottom-up strategy a bit and just find something you can upgrade. Anything. Say you are only producing 2.534NK from each ad loop and almost everything is hundreds of NK, or worse, NL/NM, etc. There will always be something that can get you out of the rut. Look for a coral that is 20NK-35NK (or somewhere in that range—could be a little more if it's a bad wall) and keep going through the ad loop until you can upgrade it. Doing so will multiply your 2.534NK to something like 10NK and then you can start working with that. And…. Viola, you’ve done it.
  • Only upgrade corals that you can bring the yellow ring fully around. If you are on NK, don’t simply spend NK on a coral to bring the yellow ring halfway around. This won’t get you a production bonus in the next ad loop. Look for corals that you can bring full-circle. These will be lower levels like NH, NI, NJ. Then boom, this will most likely move you right past NK after the next ad loop and then you can start upgrading the NK corals.

Creatures/Fish: Though they are definitely the cutest part of the game, they don’t make a huge impact on your vitality production. Because of this, they are the lowest priority in terms of gaining it. I will usually wait until I advance several letters and then mass produce them (e.g. when I’ve reached, say, PF, and the cost to create an animal is at NK, I’ll start pumping them out). This sounds terribly inhumane, but I promise, I love them all haha.