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The Vampire Football Fish is a type of Football Fish available to the player in Abyssrium.


The Vampire Football Fish's face is colored a blanched, bluish off-white color, and its tail fins are pure black. Its mouth has sharp, white fangs poking up from the bottom and top, and its eyes, like most fish, are black, square,and beady. Around its midsection, it wears a white collared shirt, with a small red bow tie at the front. A black cape with a red underside flutters out behind the Vampire Football Fishas it swims, and, attached to its head, instead of a light, is a black insect with 6 short legs.


To get the Vampire Football Fish, the player must share one picture of the Witch Hermit Crab's Pot, and also get that pot to Level 1000. To do this, they have to either play in the 2017 Halloween Event or in the Halloween Tank.