Abyssrium Wikia

September 2020, Version 1.13[]


Added Event : 2020 Welcoming Fall

  • Autumn Wreath Recipe : 8 Autumn Rowan Leaves, 12 Autumn Persimmon
  • Autumn Maplefish
  • Event expansion items

Added Piece Box, 200 pearls

  • 60% chance of Adelie’s Friend pieces
  • 40% chance of Sea Elephant pieces

You can obtain the new creatures through the other chests, but obviously not at the same %.

Added Piece Box Fish

  • Adelie’s Friend (two Adelie penguins)
  • Sea Elephant

Giant Clam Gatcha

  • Ability to earn AO and Vitality
  • Ability to earn “Warrior Blue Crab” piece box pieces


  • added “Fish Recipe’s” button to bottom of screen


  • Ability to disable decoration touch when moving around the screen
  • Ability to disable 2 touch when moving around the screen
  • 10% decoration level requirement for new fish
  • Main quest difficulty reduction (yet to see)
  • Ability to upgrade coral levels in one menu, instead of clicking on it each time
  • IAP packages will level up, to match your progression