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Listed below are the To-Dos of major pages that need to get done, where you can add or remove any page ideas you may have. Please do not link any pages here as this page will be removed later once everything has been completed, this is just a temporary sorting page/schedule of what's to be completed.

Sorting Method:[]

Bold pages are ones that have been completed, please do not remove them after completion so we don't gloss over any.

Underline pages are ones that are currently being worked/uncompleted.

Regular pages are pages that need to be added.

Please mark any suggestion/page for deletion with strikethrough and list the reason as to why, deleting the page might cause confusion to other users.


Main Page


Saltwater Tank

Freshwater Tank

Fusion Fish We are already going to put the Fusion fish into their own charts on the Tank pages - so I don't think we need a separate page for all of them (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)

Event Fish*

  • (Technically there are two lists, as the Freshwater World lacks quite a few fish on the event page, but after the list is completed then just make the fish that aren't in the Freshwater World marked in bold to save up page space and time)

I will handle this - Wrangler.exe (talk) 19:37, July 11, 2020 (UTC)

Package (IAP) Fish

All Fish*

  • (I'm currently writing each fish down, don't worry about having to do each page for them or anything as I, SushiiDragon, got that handled. This page is only to sort both Normal Fish pages, Fusion, Event, and Package pages)

I'm not sure we have to do that...as we could just list each fish in their own Tank page, event page, etc. It might get a bit confusing if we try to get every single fish on one page. Wrangler.exe (talk) 20:12, July 12, 2020 (UTC) Coral Again, we are already listing the coral types in each Tank page...if we wanna do a separate Coral page I'm all for it, but I just don't want it to be confusing to users. Wrangler.exe (talk) again :)

Corallite Customization

  • This will include both the Expand tab and the Costume/Dye/Theme tab


All Events


Hiding Fish*

  • Not to be confused with Hidden Fish, Hiding Fish are the fish you get from trying to unlock Gold Fish (Gold Marlin, Gold Sea Slug, etc.) found in the Clam


Photo of the Week

Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium (Game)

World Map

Community Links

  • AbyssRium Reddit, Sir Tap Tap guides, AbyssRium Discord, and so on


  • Like a Table of Contents for all the big pages (Main Page, All Fish, Corallite, Tap Tap Fish: AbyssRium (Game), All Events, Coral, World Map, etc)


Notification Fish

  • This page will contain a guide on the fish that require opening the notification to get (Spotted Mandarin Dragonet, Juvenile Spotted Boxfish, Whale Shark, and Red Weedy Seadragon in that order)

Don't worry, I got this! - SushiiDragon

My vision of organisation (please change if you have any ideas): There will be 5 Tank pages (Freshwater Tank, Saltwater Tank, Anniversary, Halloween, and Christmas). They will each have their own Normal Fish, Fusion Fish, and Coral charts contained within the page, so we don't have a lot of pages. There will also be a Category Page on each animal Type (Clownfish, Goby, Tang, etc.), and an Events page with links to all of the separate little events pages. Wrangler.exe (talk)

That sounds fine! The Notification Fish page would just be a guide to the fish opened from notifications so that the requirements section for these fish don't become a jumbled copy and paste mess of the guide. Plus, these fish normally require force in order to get, as you could waste several hours, if not days trying to get them naturally. SushiiDragon