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The Ocean Sunfish, in-game yclept simply as Sun Fish, is a species of fish in Abyssrium.


To unlock Sun Fish it is necessary to have Star Horn Coral, and at least 70 total fish.

2 Sunfish are required to fuse a Slender Ray, along with 80 urchins, 50 crabs and 50 krill.


Size comparising an ocean sunfish in Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The ocean sunfish is the biggest of all known bony fish. They're carnivorous and feed mainly on jellyfish. They're very docile and slow making them easy victims to larger predators. Despite that, ocean sunfish are still a danger to humans due the chances of them leaping onto boats. They're very rare in captivity due their unique and demanding requirements of care. There are few ocean sunfish in captivity; only in the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Japan, Lisbon Oceanarium in Portugal,  Valencia Oceanogràfic in Spain, and Nordsøen Oceanarium in Denmark. The largest ocean sunfish in captivity lived in Monterey Bay Aquarium and arrived at 1986. It grew to an enormous size. Because sunfish had not been kept in captivity on a large scale before, the staff at Monterey Bay was forced to innovate and create their own methods for capture, feeding, and parasite control. By 1998, these issues were overcome, and the aquarium was able to hold a specimen for more than a year, later releasing it after its weight increased by more than 14 times.