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Spotted Eagle Ray, is a species of friend stingray in Abyssrium.


To unlock Spotted Eagle Ray, you must have obtained the Star Horn Coral, and have a total of at least 55 friends.

2 Spotted Eagle Rays are required to fuse a Pocrupine Ray, along with 60 clams, 30 urchins and 20 crabs.

2 Spotted Eagle Rays are required to fuse a Round Ribbontail Ray, along with 70 urchins, 50 crabs and 30 krill.


Spotted eagle ray searching for food in the bottom of the ocean.

Spotted eagle ray is a species of ray commonly found in coastal reefs in warm waters all over the world. Near the base of its tail behind the pelvic fins there are several venomous poison barbed stings. They are protected in the Great Barrier Reef. They normally search the bottom for bivalves, whelks, infauna, and malacostracans.