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The Snowglobe Footballfish is a variant of the Football Fish, released in the 2017 Christmas Event but always available in the Christmas Tank.


The Snowglobe Footballfish is colored icy blue, with bluish off-white and a similarly colored tail. On its back is a glass snowglobe, complete with a small snowman and some snowy ground inside it. Hanging in front of its head and wobbling slightly as it swims is an intricate snowflake, the same color as its fins and tail.


To obtain the Snowglobe Footballfish, the player must upgrade their Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring to Level 100 and take one picture of the Christmas Football Fish.

The Snowglobe Footballfish counts toward the Football Fish total in the Christmas Tank, helping to unlock the Socks Seahorse.


The Snowglobe Footballfish, like all Football Fish added after 2016, contains a typo in that "Footballfish" is one word.