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The Snowflake Clownfish is a species of Clownfish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the 4th fish listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish tab and the second hidden fish in the list.


The Snowflake Clownfish is the most unique normal clownfish in the game. Although it is shaped exactly like all other Clownfish, its body pattern is very different. It has bright red and white stripes strewn randomly across its body, separated by thin black lines curving along their borders. Its fins and tail have a thick white line at their edges followed by a thin black one.


It is revealed after the player opens the settings located in the top right corner and taps the Twitter button, located under "SUPPORT," 5 times.

2 Snowflake Clownfish are required to fuse a Tomato Clownfish, along with 50 seaweed.


The most commonly bred colour variety of any aquarium clownfish, known for their randomized but beautiful white bar patterns.

These fish are the exact same species as the Percula Clownfish, just bred to have a different scale pattern. The name "snowflake" comes from the randomness of their colour variety, and it is said that "no two of these unique fish look alike".


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