Abyssrium Wikia

Skills are an unlockable feature in Abyssrium which gives the player a temporary stat boost. Skills can be upgraded with gems and have a cooldown time after being used. There are currently only 3 skills in the game not counting the recharge skill. The amount of Gems required to upgrade the skill always remains the same. You can upgrade a skill up to LV 21.

Volcanic Eruption[]

Volcanic Eruption Upgrade is the first one acquired in Abyssrium, and the cheapest to upgrade, only requiring

200 gems. When this skill is upgraded, the duration of time will increase by one minute, with the original starting time being 5 minute duration. Every second this skill will generate 10 autotaps of vitality. When being used the Lonely Coralite will display a repeating animation that shown when the user is tapping the screen for the duration of time set. Addendum: I have found that tapping with thumbs produces "delicious food" shrimp. Anyone else?

Delicious Food[]

The Delicious Food skill is unlocked after the Volcanic Eruption skill. This is the only skill which doesn't have a time duration, as it is an instantaneous use. When used, a bunch of shrimp will shoot out of the top of the Lonely Corallite, and float around in front. Fish will swim up to these shrimp and consume them, awarding the user with vitality. If you do not have enough fish to eat up the shrimp immediately, you can tap on the shrimps or simply wait for them to turn into tiny little hearts that indicate vitality.

Song of the Moon[]

Increase all Vitality production by 500% (depend on level) for 5 minutes.

Upgrade cost:
Up to Lv.12 = 500 gems
Lv.12 (1600%) = 600 gems
Lv.13 (1700%) = 700 gems
Lv.14 (1800%) = 800 gems