Blue Glaucus, in-game simply classified as Sea Slug, is a species of gastropod in Abyssrium.

Unlock Edit

To unlock this friend, you must log in once each day for seven days. Make sure to check off the dates on the attendance card pop-up!

Biology Edit

Blue Glaucus in person's hand

Size of a blue glaucus compared with a human hand.

Blue glaucuses are sea slugs that inhabit the pelagic zones in warm oceans all over the world. They normally swim upside down. They are carnivorous and feed mainly on

Portuguese man o' war, storing its nematocysts. Due this, blue glaucuses can be as, or multiple times as, venomous as the Portuguese man o' war.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, blue glaucuses normally swim upside down but in-game they swim normally.
  • Despite being a sea slug, it's classified as a blowfish in-game.
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