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The Scribbled Angelfish is a species of Angel found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the twenty-ninth species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list, and the 4th Angel.


The Scribbled Angelfish's main body is royal blue, as well as most of its head. The upper half of its body us covered with small, square dots ranging in color from light blue to white. Its snout is bright yellow, and behind its head is a light, neon blue stripe followed by another yellow stripe. Its pectoral fins are colored the same way, with a thin border of neon blue on their back edges. Its dorsal an anal fins are royal blue with many thin yellow stripes running along their length. Their edges are bright blue, and there is a yellow stripe just below the Scribbled Angelfish's dorsal fin.


To unlock the Scribbled Angelfish, the player must tap the "SEE MORE" button in the Photo Award menu (located in the top right corner) 10 times. Most of the time, more than 10 taps/clicks will be needed.

2 Scribbled Angelfish are required to fuse a Maze Angel, along with 100 Seaweed and 40 Clams.

The Scribbled Angelfish can be used to reveal the Peppermint Angel.

The Scribbled Angelfish counts toward the Angel total, helping to unlock Dottybacks.


The Scribbled Angelfish is am angelfish which, commonly found in aquariums, is found in the wild near Australia, New Guinea, and sometimes Taiwan[1]. They prefer to eat meaty foods, including small shrimp, and some algae[2]. They get their name from the patterns on their body and fins.


  • The Scribbled Angelfish is the only Normal Angel in the game that is referred to as an Angelfish.