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The Scissortail Goby is a species of Goby found in Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium. They are the 9th species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list, and the 5th Goby.

Requirements []

It is unlocked when the player gets the Red Sea Fan and collects any combination of 5 Clownfish.

The Scissortail Goby counts towards the Goby total, helping to unlock Tangs.

2 Scissortail Gobies, are required to fuse one Wheeler's Shrimp Goby, along with 50 seaweed and 10 clams,.


An side view of a Scissortail Goby

The Scissortail Goby is a species of dartfish native to the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Ocean, usually living close to the surface. Those who want these fish in their aquarium are strongly advised to have a tight lid on top as they're known to leap out of the water, but aside from that, they are very peaceful fish and get along with just about any tankmate.


  • Despite its in-game name, it's often called a Blackfin Dartfish, or more commonly a Scissortail Dartfish.
  • The Scissortail Goby's representation in-game is not completely accurate, as only a few Scissortail Dartfish seem to have the yellow dorsal fin shown on the Scissortail Goby in AbyssRium, and none have its yellow head.