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The Red Weedy Seadragon is a species of sea dragon found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium.


The Red Weedy Seadragon is a white seadragon with its fins are a beautiful red reminiscent of red fall leaves. The body has reddish gradients where the fins grow. Its stomach is also a red gradient. Its long mouth is also red in color. it is a recolored weedy sea dragon.


To unlock the Red Weedy Seadragon, the player must obtain the white swing anemone. to get it, you must have about 192.223AV vitality, as well as corallite level 2500. you will also need to click that special notification, you know, the one that says ïts time to get the hidden fish, and you also need the whale shark

The Red Weedy Seadragon can be used to reveal the giant seadragon.