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Red Sea Fan is the third coral on the coral list, appearing as an reddish-pink fanning coral. It is required to unlock the last two Goby, Scissortail Gobyand Yellow Watchman Goby.


A red-coloured Sea Fan, or "Soft Coral."

Sea Fans, aka Alcyonacea or Soft Coral, are flat, branching coral that are known to grow in nearly all oceans. Out of all the oceans, Sea Fans are known to thrive in the shall waters of Florida, Bermuda, and the West Indies. Unlike most corals, these soft coral are known to grow best around less sunlight, and can grow up to several feet tall by a few inches thick when in the right environment.


  • Red Sea Fan is not exactly the right name, as they're commonly just called "Sea Fans" or "Soft Coral," but is a valid name if you want to be specific


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