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The Red Clownfish is a species of Clownfish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the second species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list, and therefore, usually the second fish that will be created in the game.


The Red Clownfish is extremely similar in coloration to the Percula Clownfish. Instead of light orange stripes, it has bright red ones. Other than that minor difference, it is identical to its orange counterpart.


Unlocked at the same time as the Percula Clownfish, it appears in the list after the player unlocks Fragile Staghorn Coral.

2 Red Clownfish are required to fuse a Wyoming White Clownfish, along with 50 Seaweed.

The Red Clownfish can be used to unlock the Blue Clownfish.

The Red Clownfish counts toward the clownfish total, helping to unlock Gobies.


A female Maroon Clownfish, possibly still young, as females will lose their white bands with age.

Despite its appearance in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium, there is no known species of clownfish matching both the name and appearance of the Red Clownfish. Instead, it seems to be modeled after the Maroon Clownfish, slightly less common in aquariums as their cousins, the Percula Clownfish. They're known to be highly aggressive and very susceptible to saltwater diseases.


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