Queen Angel is a species of friend angelfish in Abyssrium. It was added in the 1.1.8 version.

Requirements Edit

To unlock Queen Angel it's necessary to have Fragile Staghorn Coral at level 3000.

Biology Edit

Holacanthus ciliaris

A side view of a queen angel.

The queen angel is an angelfish commonly found near reefs in the warmer sections of the western Atlantic Ocean. The queen angelfish feeds primarily on sponges, but also feeds on tunicates, jellyfish, and corals as well as plankton and algae. Juveniles serve as "cleaners" and feed on the parasites of larger fish at cleaning stations. Although in home aquariums, aquarists have been successful in providing the queen angelfish a diet of meaty and algae based foods. Queen angel is sometimes confused with the Bermuda blue angelfish, despite very similar appearances. They are two separate species.

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