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Bargibant's Pygmy Seahorse, in-game simply yclept as Pygmy Seahorse, is a species of friend seahorse.


To unlock Pygmy Seahorse is necessary to play 5 times at 4 AM.


A Bargibant's pygmy seahorse concealing itself in a sea fan.

Bargibant's pygmy seahorse is the best known species of pygmy seahorse, and it's found in central Indo-Pacific Despite pygmy seahorses being taxonomically classified as regular seahorses, pygmy seahorses are tinier, and unlike other seahorses, they have a single gill opening on the back of the head, instead of the two sides, and males brood their young inside their trunk, instead of a pouch on the tail. Bargibant's pygmy seahorse, is exlusively found in sea fans, and have a white body red-orange tubercles in its body, allowing it to conseal itself better in sea fans. It's so difficult to found that it was only described in 1969 when a New Caledonian marine biologist called Georges Bargibant, was collecting specimens of Muricella for a museum and whilst one of these was on his dissection table he happened to notice a pair of tiny seahorses. The next year they were officially named by Gilbert Whitley as Bargibant's pygmy seahorse.