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Vitality Walls


Bird Chorus[]

  • Unlock at Iceberg Level 100

Level 1

  • 15x/sec auto-tap
  • 2x vitality for 180 seconds
  • Max Level :

Whale's Blessing[]

  • Unlock at Iceberg Level 300

Level 1

  • x1000 vitality production
  • Max Level :

Moon's Song[]

  • Unlock at Iceberg Level 500

Level 1

  • x2 vitality production for 1 minute
  • Max Level :


Singing Clam Coral[]

  • Unlocks at Iceberg Level 600
  • Permanent auto-taps : 11400 times per minute at max level 10

Shining Grape Coral[]

  • Unlocks at Iceberg Level 800
  • Permanent vitality boost - 2000% at max level 10

Resurrection Tower Coral[]

  • Unlocks at Iceberg Level 1000
  • Reduce skill cooldown - by 55% at max level 10

Treasure Chest[]

A bird will periodically fly by and drop a treasure chest. Open it by watching an ad. This works just like the Mystery Chest in Abyssrium. The rewards are vitality, pearls, or a trial of Blessing of Snow. Don't waste pearls on Blessing of Snow for the unlocks, because you can get it for free from the chest.

Manage Fish[]

There is improved UI for interacting with the various fish. Clicking on a fish in "Manage Fish" gives you information about the fish's category, sub-category, rarity, and movement type. It also shows the fish's unlock condition and allows you to interact with the fish by deploying or storing it. It also tracks your number of photos of the fish and how many times you've tapped vitality of that fish (useful for tracking unlock progress!) And, you can drag and drop fish to mass-deploy them in the tank!!

You can sort fish by type, e.g. birds, mammals, etc. by clicking on the icon that looks like 4 boxes.

You can also purchase additional tanks in this menu (max of 5), which allows you to create various ecosystems. You can deploy fish on a per-tank basis, which allows you to have custom sets of fish. But, a single fish can only be in 1 tank at a time.