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The Pharaoh Dumbo is a friend in Abyssrium that can only be obtained through events.


The Pharaoh Dumbo has a skin one of charcoal black all across its body, with Ancient Egypt style garb on its head and neck. On its neck it wears a golden collar-like object, colored in varying shades of gold and golden orange. It has a small, bright red jewel in its center, directly below the Pharaoh Dumbo's mouth. On its head, just behind its beady, jet-black eyes is a headdress, similar to the one worn by King Tutankhamen. It has alternating gold and blue stripes and two jackal-like ears poking up from a golden headband. These have black backs, and fade from gold to a bright yellow color on their fronts.


The Pharaoh Dumbo was originally released as part of the Ancient Egypt event. To get it, you must create 3 Ancient Seahorses with the event's costume equipped. It costs 1200 Ankhs to create.

After the event, it can still be obtained by playing events in the month of May and fusing it in the Past Event Fish menu. You can also get it by spinning any of the three Luck Shells.

Tiny Luck Shell Luck Shell Big Luck Shell
0.06% 0.46% 0.98%