Percula Clownfish is a species of friend fish in Abyssrium. Percula Clownfish are classified in-game as Clownfish.

Requirements Edit

To unlock the Percula Clownfish, it is required that you have Fragile Staghorn Coral.

Since this is the first kind of fish you obtain when you start the game, it doesn't really need a lot of requirements.

Biology Edit

Percula Clownfish and Anemone

The clownfish's body mucus protects it from sea anemone stings.

The Percula clownfish is a widely known aquarium fish. They are often found in places near sea anemones. Like other anemonefish, they are immune to sea anemone stings due to their body mucus. They live in sea anemones for protection from predators such as groupers.

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