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Estuary Seahorse, in-game simply yclept as Orange Seahorse, is a species of friend seahorse in Abyssrium.


To unlock Orange Seahorse it's necessary to have Glowing Sea Flower and at least 3 Blowfish.

2 Orange Seahorse are required to fuse a Sindonis Seahorse, along with 100 seaweed, 20 clams and 20 urchins.

2 Orange Seahorse are required to fuse a Thorny Seahorse, along with 60 clams and 40 urchins.


Hippocampus kuda.png

Estuary seahorse, is commonly yellow but it can vary between red and orange. It inhabits waters from the Persian Gulf to Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, and several Pacific islands including Hawaii, and is also found the eastern coast of Africa from Tanzania to South Africa. The yellow seahorse has a carnivorous diet and feeds on small crustaceans and other planktonic organisms. Because seahorses have a poor fin power they usally cling their tails to seaweed to avoid being dragged by the current. Like other seahorse species, it is ovoviviparous and it is the male who broods the eggs in its ventral brood pouch. The latter includes villi rich in capillaries that surround each fertilized egg creating a sort of placenta supplying the embryos. The young (called pups) exit the pouch once fully grown, and from then on live autonomously.