Giant Oarfish in-game simply stated as Oarfish, is a species of "friend fish", in Abyssrium.

Requirements Edit

To unlock Oarfish is necessary to be 21 days checked in via Attendance system.

Biology Edit

Regalecus glesne

A giant oarfish swimming vertically.

Giant oarfish, is a species of very large oarfish. Giant oarfish are worldwide distributed except in polar regions. It's famous for swimming vertically. Regalecus glesne is the world's longest bony fish. Its shape is ribbon-like, narrow laterally, with a dorsal fin along its entire length, stubby pectoral fins, and long, oar-shaped pelvic fins, from which its common name is derived. Its coloration is silvery with dark markings, and its fins are red. Its physical characteristics and its undulating mode of swimming have led to speculation that it might be the source of many "sea serpent" sightings.

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