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Narwhal, is a friend in Abyssrium.


To unlock Narwhal, you need to tap the upper LEFT corner 5000 times. It sounds hard but I know you can do it.


A blessing of narwhals, notice that females lack of tusks.

Narwhal is a species of melonhead whale, a family that also includes the also well known beluga whale, both are found in the Arctic Ocean. The most iconical characteristic is that males possess an enlogated canine tooth that projects from the left side of the upper jaw, through the lip, and forms a left-handed helix spiral, in some cases they can be double, females' anatomy is more like belugas'. The tusk is an innervated sensory organ with millions of patent nerve endings connecting seawater stimuli in the external ocean environment with the brain.  The rubbing of tusks together which males engage in is now hypothesized to communicate information about the water each has traveled through rather than to represent the previously assumed “male-to-male rivalry“. Despite that narwhals have only occasionally been observed using the tusk for aggressive behavior. Erstwhile this tusks have been found in beaches and tough to be unicorns'. A group of narwhals is called a blessing.


  • In-game Narwhal is classified as a dolphin, but in real-life they're whales.