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Moorish Idol, is a species of hidden anglerfish friend in Abyssrium.


To unlock Moorish Idol it's necessary to take a picture of Mystery Chest 5 times.

2 Moorish Idol are required to fuse a Zoster Butterflyfish, along with 100 seaweed, 40 clams and 5 urchins.


A pair of Moorish idols.

Moorish idol, is the sole living zanclid, or idol. It gets its name from the Moors, who purportedly believed the fish to be a bringer of happiness. Generally denizens of shallow waters, Moorish idols prefer flat reefs. This fish may be found at depths from 3 to 180 m (9.8 to 590.6 ft), in both murky and clear conditions. Their range includes East Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Ducie Islands; Hawaii, southern Japan, and all of Micronesia; they are also found from the southern Gulf of California south to Peru. Its diet consists mainly of sponges, coral polyps, tunicates and other benthic invertebrates, Moorish idols typically are very picky eaters. They will either eat nothing (common) and perish or eat everything (uncommon). Often seen alone, Moorish idols also form pairs or occasionally small schools, especially as juveniles. They are diurnal fish, sticking to the bottom of the reef at night, adopting a drab coloration. Like butterfly fish, they mate for life. Adult males display aggression toward one another. Schooling bannerfish, and pennant coralfish, are known for "mimicking" Moorish idol.


  • Moorish Idol is classified as erroneously angelfish in-game.