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Giant Oceanic Manta Ray, in-game simply yclept as Manta Ray, is a species of a stingray in Abyssrium.


To unlock Manta Ray is necessary to take a picture of a stingray and share it to Twitter 3 times. The requirement says "share to twitter," but it has been unlocked when sharing to Facebook 3 times {aka the spotted ray counts as a sting ray}.But there is a bug which makes you unlock this by taking 3 pictures of a dolphin.

2 Manta Ray are required to fuse a Cownose Ray, along with 55 clams, 40 urchins, 20 crabs and 10 krill.


A chevron oceanic manta ray, showing its T-shaped marks, wich are y shaped in the reef manta ray, a sub species of the oceanic manta.

Giant oceanic manta ray, is one of the two species of manta ray, the other being reef manta ray, they differ because giant oceanic manta ray is larger measuring around 5 m (16 ft), while reef manta rays measures around 3 m (10 ft), also manta ray has T-shaped lighter marks in their heads, while reef manta ray's are Y-shaped. Manta rays feed mainly in zooplankton. Also, manta rays come in 2 types of patterns. The Chevron Manta (in Abyssrium introduced as fusion fish) has the white T or Y (depending on the sub species), While Black Morph Mantas(very rare in real life and in Abyssrium as normal fish) are all black. The color differences don`t mean that they are different species(like different skin tones don`t mean different species in humans). A large population of Black Morph Mantas can mean that serious damage has been done to the shark population in the area because black morph mantas are easily spotted by sharks and in most times eaten because their lack of patterns fail to hide them in the water. An abundance if black morph mantas can only mean that the sharks can`t eat them all, as in the case of Indonesia.