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Mahi Mahi is a species of parrotfish in Abyssrium.


To unlock Mahi Mahi, the player must play 10 times at midnight.

2 Mahi Mahi are required to fuse a Napoleon Wrasse, along with 60 urchins, 40 crabs and 50 krill.


Size of a adult male mahi mahi compared to three adult male humans.

Mahi mahi are large fish, found in the warm oceans of the world. Males are normally larger than females, and have a protruding forehead. They're carnivore and normally feed on flying fish, crabs, zooplankton, squid and forage fish such as mackerels. They're very popular in fishing, due it's enormous size and weight making it difficult to catch, they're also very appreciated in culinary as a substitute of swordfish due its firm texture, and mild flavor, being fished since the Bronze Age. Despite it's appreciation in fishing and culinary it's not an endangered species.

In-Game Variants[]

  • Mummy Mahi Mahi (from the 2017 Halloween Event)


  • Mahi Mahi comes from Hawaiian and means "strong strong", referring to the male's weight and strenght.
  • In-game, the Mahi Mahi is classified as a parrotfish, but in real life it's a dolphinfish, meaning it's unrelated to parrotfish.