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The Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish is a species of Spadefish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the 18th species listed on the Saltwater Tank's's Fish list, and the only non-event Spadefish.


The Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish is a very unique fish. It is colored completely black, with a thin, brightorange line outlining its entire body, including its tail and most of its head. On its head, the line splits into two smaller lines, each one going under its eye.


To unlock the Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish, the player must own 3 of the Gold Fish obtained from the Hiding Fish menu. These take a long time and a lot of Farm materials to unlock, so it is recommended to attempt this challenge later on in the game.

2 Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish are required to fuse a Domino Damsel, along with 100 seaweed, 20 clams and 5 urchins.


The Pinnate Spadefish (which the Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish is based on) is another name for a Dusky Batfish. These fish are found in the western Pacific ocean and are kept in aquariums [1]. They can, studies show, reduce the size of algal blooms on the Great Barrier Reef.


  • The Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish is not required to unlock the {{1000 Years Old Blue Whale]].
  • Previously, the player had to obtain 5 Facebook Friends through Abyssrium to unlock the Jivenil pinnate spadefishD68CD02B-2BB9-4BB4-A23B-495EE3C81167.jpeg, but this requirement has since been changed.