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The Juggalo Clownfish is a species of Fusion Fish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the third species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Fusion Fish list, and the first Species listed.


The Juggalo Clownfish is colored white all over its body with large, randomly placed and shaped black spots on its tail, behind its head, and around its fins. This patterning and color scheme give it the appearance of a cow.


To unlock the Juggalo Clownfish, the player must first obtain two Blue Clownfish and unlock the Seaweed Farm. Then, the fish will be ready to fuse, consuming one of the player's Blue Clownfish and 50 Seaweed.

The Juggalo Clownfish can be used to reveal the Snowflake Clownfish.

The Juggalo Clownfish counts toward the Clownfish total, helping to unlock Gobies.



The [Insert Fish] is a designer clownfish introduced by Sea & Reef Aquaculture[1]. Its proper name is actually the Black Storm Clownfish[2], and it is popular with aquarium owners.