Abyssrium Wikia

Hiding Fish were introduced into the game around June/July 2019. They were used as an introdction to new Fish, but unfortunately, were not able to be bought with Vitality. Since they were released, one set has been added every event.

You obtain them by clicking on the event menu, then clicking on the clam shell. You buy them either with Event Currency or Farm Materials. Each stage you complete, rewards you with a free Luck Shell spin, as well as gems.


Golden Sunfish - Tropical 2019[]

Sheep Nudibranch
Weedy Scorpionfish.jpg
Weedy Scorpionfish
Sheep Nudibranch.jpg
Red Lipped Batfish
Red Lipped Batfish.jpg
Peacock Shrimp
Peacock Shrimp.jpg
Flying Fish
Flying Fish.jpg
Gold Sunfish
Gold Sunfish.jpg

Golden Turtle - 3rd Anniversary 2019[]

Foxface Rabbitfish
Foxface Rabbitfish.jpg
Spotted Handfish
Spotted Handfish.jpg
Red Handfish
Red Handfish.jpg
Japanese Horseshoe Crab
Japanese Horseshoe Crab.jpg
Sarcastic Fringehead
Sarcastic Fringehead.jpg
Casper Octopus
Casper Octopus.jpg
Marine Otter
Marine Otter.jpg
Saltwater Crocodile
Saltwater Crocodile.jpg
Tiger Shark
Tiger Shark.jpg
Gold Turtle
Gold Turtle.jpg

Golden Seadragon - Halloween 2019[]

Red Coffinfish
Red Coffinfish.jpg
Star Seahorse
Star Seahorse.jpg
Transparent Sea Toad
Transparent Sea Toad.jpg
Star Nautilus
Star Nautilus.jpg
Hadal Snailfish
Hadal Snailfish.jpg
Star Flyingfish
Star Flyingfish.jpg
White Spotted Jellyfish
White Spotted Jellyfish.jpg
Star Squid
Star Squid.jpg
Ghost Shark
Ghost Shark.jpg
Star Shark
Star Shark.jpg
Gold Seadragon
Gold Seadragon.jpg

Golden Octopus - Ancient Greece 2019[]

Threetooth Puffer
Threetooth Puffer.jpg
Small Clown Triggerfish
Small Clown Triggerfish.jpg
Ribbon Sweetlips
Ribbon Sweetlips.jpg
Golden Trevally
Golden Trevally.jpg
White Tripodfish
White Tripodfish.jpg
Black Tripodfish
Black Tripodfish.jpg
Cannibal Fish
Cannibal Fish.jpg
Arabian Carpet Shark
Arabian Carpet Shark.jpg
Greenland Shark
Greenland Shark.jpg
Gold Octopus
Missing Fish.jpg

Golden Dolphin - Christmas 2019[]

Doublewhip Threadfin Bream
Doublewhip Threadfin Bream.jpg
Yellowback Fusilier
Yellowback Fusilier.jpg
Yellow Unicorn Fish
Yellow Unicorn Fish.jpg
Purple Queen Angelfish
Purple Queen Angelfish.jpg
Stoplight Parrotfish
Stoplight Parrotfish.jpg
Oblique Banded Sweetlips
Oblique Banded Sweetlips.jpg
Leopard Chimaera
Leopard Chimaera.jpg
Bonnehead Shark
Bonnehead Shark.jpg
Banded houndshark
Banded houndshark.jpg
Gold dolphin
Gold dolphin.jpg

Golden Mikado Jellyfish - New Years 2019[]

Horned Bannerfish
Horned Bannerfish.jpg
Meyer’s Butterflyfish
Meyer’s Butterflyfish.jpg
Thornback Cowfish
Thornback Cowfish.jpg
Keyhole Angelfish
Keyhole Angelfish.jpg
Trumpet Emperor
Trumpet Emperor.jpg
Titan Triggerfish
Titan Triggerfish.jpg
African Angel Shark
African Angel Shark.jpg
Dwarf Sawfish
Dwarf Sawfish.jpg
Spotted Wobbegong
Spotted Wobbegong.jpg
Longfin Mako
Longfin Mako.jpg
Gold Mikado Jellyfish
Gold Mikado Jellyfish.jpg


Golden Axolotl - Valentines 2020[]

Longnose Hawkfish
Longnose Hawkfish.jpg
Mango Angelfish
Mango Angelfish.jpg
Japan Surgeonfish
Japan Surgeonfish.jpg
Red Lip Morwong
Red Lip Morwong.jpg
Knothead Parrotfish
Knothead Parrotfish.jpg
Chain Catshark
Chain Catshark.jpg
Bahamas Sawshark
Bahamas Sawshark.jpg
Albino Lobster
Albino Lobster.jpg
Blackfin Barracuda
Blackfin Barracuda.jpg
Hourglass Dolphin
Hourglass Dolphin.jpg
Gold Axolotl
Gold Axolotl.jpg

Golden Frog - Retro 2020[]

Blue Stripe Spinecheek
Blue Stripe Spinecheek.jpg
Bridled Monocle Bream
Bridled Monocle Bream.jpg
Barred Soapfish
Barred Soapfish.jpg
Bullseye electric Ray
Bullseye electric Ray.jpg
Goldribbon Soapfish
Goldribbon Soapfish.jpg
Threespot Grouper
Threespot Grouper.jpg
Pink Maomao
Pink Maomao.jpg
Graceful Catshark
Graceful Catshark.jpg
Japanese Bullhead Shark
Japanese Bullhead Shark.jpg
Tasselled Wobbegong
Tasselled Wobbegong.jpg
Gold Frog
Gold Frog.jpg

Golden Sea Slug - Theme Park 2020[]

Flame Hawkfish
Flame Hawkfish.jpg
Ring Tailed Cardinalfish
Ring Tailed Cardinalfish.jpg
Stocky Anthias
Stocky Anthias.jpg
Checkerboard Wrasse
Checkerboard Wrasse.jpg
Cookiecutter Shark
Cookiecutter Shark.jpg
Viper Dogfish
Viper Dogfish.jpg
Spectacled Parrotfish
Spectacled Parrotfish.jpg
Bicolor Parrotfish
Bicolor Parrotfish.jpg
Mandarin Dogfish
Mandarin Dogfish.jpg
Night Shark
Night Shark.jpg
Gold Sea Slug
Gold Sea Slug.jpg

Golden Marlin - Vikings 2020[]

Lance Blenny
Lance Blenny.jpg
Persian Blenny
Persian Blenny.jpg
Pygmy Shark
Pygmy Shark.jpg
Rainbow Seaperch
Rainbow Seaperch.jpg
Epaulette Surgeonfish
Epaulette Surgeonfish.jpg
Blue Tang Surgeonfish
Blue Tang Surgeonfish.jpg
Longfin Batfish
Longfin Batfish.jpg
Crocodile Shark
Crocodile Shark.jpg
Atlantic Wolffish
Atlantic Wolffish.jpg
Star Starspotted Smooth-hound
Star Starspotted Smooth-hound.jpg
Gold Marlin
Gold Marlin.jpg

Golden Footballfish - 4th Anniversary 2020[]

Blackfin Coral Goby
Blackfin Coral Goby.jpg
Whitecap Goby
Whitecap Goby.jpg
Yellowbanded Red Weaver
Yellowbanded Red Weaver.jpg
Red Spotted Sand Perch
Red Spotted Sand Perch.jpg
Purple Reef Lobster
Purple Reef Lobster.jpg
Yellow Lobster
Yellow Lobster.jpg
Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish
Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish.jpg
Yellow Margin Triggerfish
Yellow Margin Triggerfish.jpg
Short Beaked Common Dolphin
Short Beaked Common Dolphin.jpg
Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin
Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin.jpg
Gold Footballfish
Gold Footballfish.jpg

Golden Sea Butterfly - Mid-summer Farm 2020[]

Blue Devil Fish
Blue Devil Fish.jpg
Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse
Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse.jpg
Philippine Butterflyfish
Philippine Butterflyfish.jpg
Stripey Fish
Stripey Fish.jpg
Bicolor Goatfish
Bicolor Goatfish.jpg
Yellowfin Goatfish
Yellowfin Goatfish.jpg
Blue-striped Chub
Blue-striped Chub.jpg
Humpback Batfish
Humpback Batfish.jpg
Port Jackson Shark
Port Jackson Shark.jpg
Pelagic Thresher Shark
Pelagic Thresher Shark.jpg
Gold Sea Butterfly
Gold Sea Butterfly.jpg

Golden Sea Pig - Abyss of Oz 2020[]

Yellow Nose Prawn Goby

Poison goby

Mailed Butterflyfish

Oval-spotted Butterflyfish

Caribbean Reef Octopus

Prickly Dogfish


Emperor Red Snapper

Milk Shark

Monk Seal

Golden Sea Pig

Golden Ray[]

Yellowhead Jawfish

Red Striped Tilefish

Checkered Snapper

Five Lined Snapper

Spearfish Remora

Mexican Horn Shark

Collared Carpetshark

Oriental Sweetlips


Porbeagle Shark

Gold Ray