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Hello Kitty Valentines was an event in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium which was active from February 11th to March 13th, 2020. Its version of the event currency was Ribbons, and they were obtainable by means of the Hermit Crab and tapping on fish bubbles.

Costume - "My Special Fan cost".

Dye - "Gift Basket".

Theme - "Sweet Pink Sea".

- This event added a total of 21 new event fish. 16 are obtainable through normal event gameplay and 5 though the IAP shop.

Main Missions

1. Sheepish Confession

- Create 3 new Chocolate Sea Slugs

- Tap the bubble of a Bouquet Sea Slug 50 times.

2. Sparkling Gifts

- Collect 100 Clams

- Watch 10 ads for free gems in the shop

- Collect 1000 ribbons

3. Not Interested

- Create 5 new Heart Seadragons

- Take 5 photos of a Jelly Turtle

- Share 1 picture of a Valentine Garden Eel

4. Hearty Gift

- Take 1 photo of the Love Mailbox expand item

- Create 5 new Postman Penguins

5. Happy Valentine’s Day

- Create 5 new Valentine Rays

- Create 5 new Valentine Dolphins

- Create 5 new Valentine Whales

Hello Kitty Valentines
Name Requirements Cost (Ribbons)
Silver Chocolate Idol Default login fish 200
Gold Chocolate Idol Default login fish 200
Heart Goldfish Watch 5 Ribbon ads 500
Chocolate Sea Slug Create 10 Chocolate Idols 500
Chocolate Dumbo Make 10 new fish from the Hiding Fish lottery 800
Balloon Butterfly Watch 15 ads for farm materials in the shop 800
Sugar Cookie Seahorse Make 5 new Candy Nautilus 2000
Jelly Turtle Create 5 Sugar Cookie Seahorses 5000
Valentine Garden Eel Cast Song of the Moon 15 times with a Jelly Turtle in the tank 5000
Postman Penguin Spend 500 crabs 8000
Valentine Ray Tap bubbles from a Couple Seahorse 100 times 10,000
Balloon Oarfish Reach Lv. 10 Hermit Crab 10,000
Valentine Dolphin Create 5 Balloon Oarfish 12,000
Lace Angel Shark Create 5 new Heart Rays 12,000
Valentine Whale Own 14 species of 2020 Valentine's Event fish. Own 80 total Valentine's 2020 event fish 18,000
Kuromi Complete the Event Quest 100,000

New Extension Items
Pink Heart Cookie
Missing Fish
Red Heart Cookie
Missing Fish
Heart Candle Tile
Missing Fish
Love Mailbox
Missing Fish
Valentine Flower Pots
Missing Fish
Valentine Booth
Missing Fish

New IAPs
My Melody Plush
Missing Fish
Hello Kitty Plush
Missing Fish
Giant Clam Hello Kitty Expansion
Missing Fish
Snail Shell Pompompurin Expansion
Missing Fish
Conch Cinnamonroll Expansion
Missing Fish

New Hiding Fish
Longnose Hawkfish
Missing Fish
Mango Angelfish
Missing Fish
Japan Surgeonfish
Missing Fish
Red Lip Morwong
Missing Fish
Knothead Parrotfish
Missing Fish
Chain Catshark
Missing Fish
Bahamas Sawsharks
Missing Fish
Albino Lobster
Missing Fish
Blackfin Barracuda
Missing Fish
Hourglass Dolphin
Missing Fish
Gold Axolotl
Missing Fish
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