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Helfrich's Goby are a species of Goby found in Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium. They are the 7th species listed on the Normal Fish list, located in the Abyss (saltwater) World.


Unlocked at the same time as the Fire Goby, after you unlock Fresh Seaweed and collect 5 (any) Clownfish.

2 Helfrich Firefish are required to make the Skunk Tilefish, along with 50 seaweed and 10 clams


An side view of an Helfrich's Firefish

Helfrich's Firefish are a species of dartfish native to the Pacific Ocean, ranging from Indonesia to Tuamotu Archipelago. They're commonly found near the water bed, unlike its dartfish cousins, and rarely found above 130ft. They're a very shy but aggressive fish towards its own species, unless paired, and require a high level care in aquariums as anything lacking in their diet can cause a loss of colour. Aquarium owners are suggested to have, at the very least, an intermediate expertise with marine fish and understanding of their behaviour.


  • Despite its name and grouping with the Goby family on the Abyss World's Normal Fish list, this is a species of dartfish
  • When researching, it seems its more common name is "Helfrichi's" rather than "Helfrich's," but both work fine