Abyssrium Wikia

Below you will find a complete list of all the fish offered as part of the 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Halloween Events. Although the events have expired, all of these fish are now obtainable through the Halloween Tank.

2016 Halloween Event Fish
Bone Fish Ghost Fish Dogface Puffer Football Fish
Bone fish icon.jpg
Ghost fish icon.jpg
Dogface puffer icon.jpg
Football fish icon.jpg
Dumbo Octopus Bone Turtle Ghost Dolphin Bone Dolphin
Dumbo octopus icon.jpg
Bone turtle icon.jpg
Ghost dolphin icon.jpg
Bone dolphin icon.jpg
Ghost Ray Goblin Shark Bone Whale
Ghost ray icon.jpg
Goblin shark.jpg
Bone whale icon.jpg

2017 Halloween Event Fish
Mummy Clownfish Spooky Fish Devil Boxfish Witch Blobfish
Bat Butterfly Mummy Mahi Mahi Vampire Football Fish Spiderweb Nautilus
Ghost Seahorse Death Squid Ghost Jellyfish Cemetery Turtle
Halloween Dolphin Vampire Ray Ghost Sunfish Coffin Shark
Halloween Whale

2018 Halloween Event Fish
Pumpkin Blobfish Reaper Seapig Pumpkin Nautilus Wizard Frog
Vampire Seahorse Pumpkin Octopus Knight Octopus Reaper Jellyfish
Zombie Pirahna Vampire Penguin Franken Sunfish Mummy Shark
Lamp Narwhal Snowy Owl Halloween Kraken Witchhouse Footballfish
Little Witch Ugly Octopus Trio

2019 Halloween Event Fish
Bone Butterfly Pot Puffer Slime Sea Slug Knight Footballfish
Bone butterfly.jpg
Pot Puffer.jpg
Slime Sea Slug.jpg
Knight footballFish.jpg
Halloween Cookie Crab Pumpkin Seahorse Wizard Cuttlefish Witch Jellyfish
Halloween Cookie Crab.jpg
Wizard Otter.jpg
Bone Monk Seal.jpg
Witch Jellyfish.jpg
Witch Marlin Wizard Otter Bone Monk Seal Witch Shark
Mummy Crocodile.jpg
Witches Forest Whale.jpg
Mummy Crocodile Witches Forest Whale Fenrir