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The Gulper Eel is a species of Class name found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the [Insert Manage Fish Position]* species listed on the [Tank Name]'s [Section Name] Fish list, and the [Insert species position]


The Gulper Eel is...(Include a 2-3 sentence summary on what the IN-GAME fish looks like)


To unlock the Gulper Eel, the player must purchase the pink tree coral and own 250 fish.

2 Gulper Eel are required to fuse a Houndfish, along with 60 clams, 30 urchins and 20 crabs.

2 Gulper Eel are required to fuse an African Pompano, along with 70 urchins, 50 crabs and 30 krill.

The Gulper Eel can be used to reveal the [Any hidden fish it can reveal].

The Gulper Eel counts toward the Class Name total, helping to unlock [Other Species].


Gulper Eel.jpg

The saccopharyngiformes are a derived lineage of unusual eels within the order Anguilliformes, and includes families Cyematidae, Monognathidae, Eurypharyngidae, Saccopharyngidae, and the proposed family Neocyematidae. Most of the fish in this group are deep-dwelling and rarely seen, typically known from only a handful of specimens. Species include recognizable fish such as pelican eels, bobtail eels, and gulper eels. Some can live deep in the ocean, well into the aphotic zone, approximately 500–1800 meters deep. Extensive research has not been conducted on them due to being indirectly observed, with some species known only from their larvae. All families except for the exceptionally rare individuals of proposed family Neoceymatidae (known only from the Atlantic Ocean) are found in all major oceans.


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