As you start of a brand new reef, you will soon discover all the cool things you can do with it, like creating fish, placing decorations and going on explorations. If you have played the original Abyssrium, you’ll notice that most of the fish are similar, but there are a few new ones.

The game runs off three major currencies, Vitality, AO and Fragments. You’ll find information about them further down the page. Be sure to also check out the other pages, for information on : Recipe’s, Fish, Exploration and more. The pages get updated when new information is discovered.

The end goal of the game seems to be collecting all the fish and expanding to all the islands, along with completing quests too. Since this game just released, we are unsure if or when they will keep adding to it.

There are many Tiers of fish to collect, from Clownfish and Tangs, all the way up to Whales! But be weary, as the higher Tiers of Recipes for the fish increase in cost drastically. So, just take your time and have a blast!

Game Currencies Edit

AO Edit

Fish generate AO at level 2. The higher level they are, the more they produce. AO is required for a couple things such as making new fish and upgrading corals.

It takes forever to get a decent amount of AO as you have to manually tap on the fish to obtain it, unless you have some of the piece fish. They will swim around and collect AO from the fish. Upgrading them makes them swim and collect faster.

Coral/Seaweed Fragments Edit

Coral fragments are a form of currency for upgrading the colonies/coral as well as creating fish. They are obtained by spending AO at the factories . Each time you level up a factory, you earn more fragments, much like the hermit crab skill in Abyssrium.

Once you unlock the second Island/Area, you are able to collect Coral Fragments from the Coral Tree. This resets every 3 hours. You start off with 300, but you can obtain more once you level up your Coralite more.

I am unsure if there will be a Seaweed Tree/Farm, but will update this if I discover one.

Air Bubbles Edit

Air bubbles are consumed when fish are placed in the tank. Each fish has their own number of bubbles they consume. So instead of “Number of fish” in regular abyssrium, it is based off each fish and their consumption. It is not a constant consumption.

You can obtain more air bubbles by upgrading your coral/colony and expanding your village.

Purity Edit

Purity of your tank can come at a cost! Having a higher purity means that you can gain more AO from fish. You can also gain purity back from clearing trash that appears on the ground. Usually 1-3 purity per trash piece.

Having a low purity level means the fish don't produce AO as often as they normally do and you can even be penalized for it! Make sure your purity always stays at a high level to have a better  chance at obtaining the rewards. Vitality is already hard enough to obtain!

Below 70 purity: 20% time reduction

Below 30 purity: 50% time reduction

Decoration Bonus Edit

Having a high Decoration Bonus can increase your fish AO production. You will also need to increase the Decoration Bonus for the main missions. In order to increase this you need to :

  • Level up your coralite
  • Level up your colony/coral
  • Place expansion items

Ancient Coins Edit

Ancient coins are obtainable from completing daily missions.

You can get 2 per day from the Daily Missions. I recommend doing the daily missions because you will need lots of coins for the Recipe Pieces in order to unlock new Fish Recipe's. Each piece can cost 2+ coins and each Recipe ususally requires 10 pieces to be unlocked. You buy the pieces in the IAP Random Shop, listed at the bottom.

Shells Edit

Shells are used to go on exploration missions. You can obtain them by buying them in the "random shop", or through the Giant Clam lottery

Unfortunately they are rare and hard to obtain. Hopefully the developers will make them easier to get.

Blue scales Edit

Blue scales are used to create decoration items. You can obtain them by clearing out the trash on the reef, settling fish or buying them in the shop.

Coralite/Vitality Edit

  • The coralite is similar to abyssrium, however more complicated and frustrating. Instead of receiving passive income, you now have to wait for the timer to build up.
  • You can click on the coralite to collect vitality, but only after the heart appears, otherwise it will bring up a menu for upgrading the coralite or creating a fish
  • After a while once it has built up, you can click on it to receive the max Vitality that it has stored. In order for this, you need to wait till the heart is completely. The higher the level or the coralite, the longer you can be away without the storage going to max.
  • Once the storage is at max, it will not produce any more vitality until you click it to clear its storage. Upgrading the Coralite will increase the storage.

Coralite leveling Edit

  • Every x seconds, the vitality will go up by how much you earn. Once it reaches the max storage, it will stop producing until you tap it.
  • Each level you gain, you increase the time it takes to produce (seconds), the amount you gain (vitality), vitality storage (how much you can hold at one time and decoration points
  • You can’t upgrade the coralite while you are making a fish

More you level the coralite , the more materials you need, as well as AO. It increases by a lot, so make sure you are (constantly) progressing in various ways.

How can I get more Vitality?

  • So far, increasing your decoration bonus is the only way to make a decent impact on the production. To do that, upgrade your colony/coral and place decorations.

Settle a fishEdit

In order to Settle a fish, you have to have it placed in your tank. Once it is in your tank, you can find an Exploration level to settle it on. It can be any level, but, having the fish at level 3 will give you more Blue Scales.

IAP PackagesEdit

The In App Purchases are not required, though they can help you advance. I strongly suggest against spending real money on this game, as if you are patient, you can obtain these items listed below through progression and Piece Box Chests

Tropical Event Package $26.99

  • Tropical Petal x200
  • Pearl x500

Growth Package $17.99

  • Vitality x25,000
  • AO x40,000
  • Pearl x200

Exploration Package $8.99

  • Red Shell x40
  • Green Shell x40
  • Yellow Shell x40
  • Blue Shell x40
  • Pearl x200

IAP charges Edit


  • $2.99 : 120 pearls
  • $4.99 : 240 pearls : 220 + bonus 20 pearls
  • $8.99 : 500 pearls : 400 + bonus 100 pearls
  • $26.99 : 1800 pearls : 1200 + bonus 400 pearls
  • $44.99 : 3000 pearls : 2000 + bonus 1000 pearls
  • $89.99 : 7000 pearls :4000 + bonus 3000 pearls


  • 1500 vitality : 120 pearls
  • 3000 vitality : 200 pearls
  • 7500 vitality : 400 pearls
  • 30,000 vitality : 1200 pearls
  • 65,000 vitality : 2000 pearls

IAP boosters Edit

  • Increase Vitality storage by 100% for 30 days : 300 pearls
  • Increase Vitality production by 100% for 30 mins : 160 pearls
  • Increase AO production by 200% for 30 mins : 160 pearls

IAP piece boxes Edit

Wooden box : ad to open

  • 2 species of sea creature

Silver box : 120 pearls

  • 3-4 species of sea creature

Golden box : 200 pearls

  • 5-6 species of sea creature

IAP random shop Edit

Here you can buy individual items such as scales, material for creating fish etc. The options available reset after every 3-4 hours. 10 pearls to reset it immediately. To access it, click the shopping cart at the top right of the screen.

You will be able to buy Recipe Pieces to unlock new Fish Recipe's.

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