Goblin Shark is a species of friend shark in Abyssrium. He was added in the 1.2.1 version, as part of the Halloween event. The goblin shark will kill on sight, however, they're rarely seen, and there nothing to worry about.

Requirements Edit

To unlock goblin shark it's necessary to share a picture of a tombstone 3 times.

Tombstones only appear during the Halloween event, and only if Corallite is level 1000 or higher.

Biology Edit

Goblin Shark jaws

A view of a goblin shark's head, allowing to see its protruding jaws.

Goblin shark is a very mysterious shark, and is the only living member of the family Mitsukurinidae, and it's considered to be a living fossil. They live in the depths normally in submarine canyons or continental slopes, so it's rarely seen. Goblin sharks' diet is mainly composed of teleosts, cephalopod,s and crustaceans.

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