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Nomura's Jellyfish, in-game simply yclept as Giant JellyFish, is a species of jellyfish premium friend in Abyssrium, it looks like a larger version of Mauve Stinger, but it alternates its coloration. It's a premium friend so it's obtained trough a miscrotransaction.


To unlock Giant JellyFish it's necessary to buy Advanced Package ($10), wich is unlocked at level 500.


A diver near swimming in a smack of Nomura's jellyfish, allowing a size comparision.

The Nomura's jellyfish is a very large frilled jellyfish, in the same size class as the lion's mane jellyfish, the largest cnidarian in the world, it can be normally found in the Yellow Sea. It is edible but not considered high quality, the Japanese company Tango Jersey Dairy produces a vanilla and jellyfish ice cream using Nomura's jellyfish.


  • Giant JellyFish alternates in color in this order: orange, green, fuchsia, green, yellow, blue, livid, grey, pink, munsell, bluish green, blue, livid, blue, yellow, orange, munsell and yellow, then the circle repeats.