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Fresh Seaweed is the second coral on the coral list, appearing as a leafy green patch of seaweed. It is required to unlock the first three Goby, Fire Goby, Blue Banded Goby, and Helfrich's Firefish.


A picture of "Green Seaweed" on the side of aquarium coral.

Seaweed or Macroalgae refers to several species of macroscopic marine algae that live within almost all oceans under different types. Their uses range anywhere from kelp, which are home to multiple fishery habitats that are essential for raising baby fish in the wild, to the planktonic algae that products 90% of our Earth's oxygen. Only two major requirements are needed to home most seaweeds, saltwater with enough light to allow for photosynthesis, and an anchor to keep the seaweed from drifting away.


  • Due to the green colour of the Fresh Seaweed, it is believed that it is more than likely "Chlorophyta Macroalgae"
  • Sadly, real-life edible seaweed located in the United States has become a dangerous snack to those who consume it in large amounts due to pesticide runoffs, and is recommended that you don't eat it


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