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Fragile Staghorn Coral is the first coral on the coral list, appearing as an orange, branch-like coral. It is required to unlock the first two fish, Percula Clownfish and Red Clownfish.


A picture of some, now nearly endangered, Staghorn Coral.

Staghorn Coral is a branching, stony coral that can grow anywhere from a few centimetres to over 6 1/2 ft and are located in the Florida Keys, Bahamas, Caribbean Islands, Western Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda, West coast of South America, and South-East Asia. This coral is known to grow in abundance and rapidly in a healthy environment and is one of the three most important Caribbean corals, contributing tons of growth and fishery habitats to their reefs. Sadly, due to asexuality being their dominant mode of reproduction, several factors have lead to an estimated loss of up to 98% of the population and, as of March 2005, have been added to the threatened species list.


  • As of September 2014, Staghorn Coral was denied its addition to the endangered species list and kept on the threatened species list, suggesting that their numbers have only lowered since their addition to the list
  • Fragile Staghorn Coral possibly got its name as reference to the major loss of almost all Staghorn Coral due to its lack of differing genes, making it a fragile species


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