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The Atlantic Footballfish, in-game simply known as Football Fish, is a species of footballfish in Abyssrium. It was added in v. 1.2.1 as part of the Halloween event.


The Football Fish is a large, relatively flat fish. It is colored entirely bluish-gray, with the only differences appearing in its tail, which is white, and its eyes, which are black. Protruding from the upper center of its head is a light, encased in a glowing blue sphere and attached to its head by a strand of blue-gray flesh.


To unlock the Football Fish, it's necessary to obtain candies by watching a commercial 10 times. Candies can only be obtained in the Halloween events.


A prime exemplar of a female Atlantic footballfish.

The Atlantic footballfish is a species of footballfish found in the depths. Atlantic footballfish were found in sperm whales in Azores, indicating that sperm whales may be the main predators of footballfish. Like other anglerfish females are much larger than males, females are 16 times bigger than males.

In-Game Variants[]

  • Viking Footballfish (2020 Viking Event)
  • Popcorn Footballfish
  • Flower Bud Footballfish
  • Flower Footballfish (Spring Event)
  • Fall Forest Footballfish (2017 Fall Event)
  • Vampire Footballfish (2017 Halloween Event)
  • Witchhouse Footballfish (2018 Halloween Event)
  • Knight Footballfish (2019 Halloween Event)
  • Aloha Football Fish (2019 Tropical Event)