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Fish Levelling[]

You will need to level your fish up. When you see a heart bubble, tap that to increase its progress bar. The max level of a fish is 3. Level 2 : the fish can produce AO Level 3 : the fish can go on explorations

Fish Creation[]

The fish creation for Abyssrium World has changed. You might see similarities with the fusion crafting as you do in regular Abyssrium. Most fish require certain materials to be crafted with. Here are ways to obtain them. Shells : you can obtain these from explorations, as well as buying them from the shop. You can also obtain them by completing daily missions and the main missions. Pieces (recipe material) : like shells, these can be obtained through exploration. You can also obtain some of them by completing main missions and expanding your reef/village. Can also find them in the random shop.

Fragments : you can obtain these from harvesting the Coral and Seaweed Factories. You can also obtain coral fragments from the Coral Tree

Once you have crafted all that you can, you will either need to Settle fish in Exploration or upgrade your Decoration Bonus in order to make more fish that the recipe can allow.