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Fish Levelling Edit

  • You can level up fish (yay?).
  • You have to upgrade each fish separately, you can’t upgrade 1 and it upgrades all of the same type
  • Fish level 2 unlocks AO production
  • Fish level 3 (max) unlocks exploration
  • Once you have reached the limit of fish (example 5/5), you need to raise your decoration level to create more of that series
  • Only way to get items/material for creating fish is through exploring

Fish Creation Edit

Most fish require certain materials to be crafted with. Here are ways to obtain them.

Shells : you can obtain these from explorations, as well as buying them from the shop. You can also obtain them by completing daily missions and the main missions.

Pieces (recipe material) : like shells, these can be obtained through exploration. You can also obtain some of them by completing main missions and expanding your reef/village. Can also find them in the random shop.

Fragments : you can obtain these from harvesting the Coral and Seaweed Factories. You can also obtain coral fragments from the Coral Tree

Fish and Recipes Edit

Each fish you try for isn’t guaranteed as you can’t select the one you want. It is a random chance out of the pool shown in each Recipe.

Juice is required to make most of the fish. You can obtain the types of juice from the exploration menu.

The higher the fish cost/type the more AO you get when tapping on its AO bubble.

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