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Fire Goby are a species of Goby found in Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium. They are the 5th fish listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list.


The Fire Goby is long and thin, with a tall dorsal fin and a much smaller pectoral fin. Its body is colored relatively simply, fading from a pinkish off-white at its head to a bright, hot pink near its tail. Its tail fins are colored a deep maroon, as is a small stripe on the front of its dorsal fin.


The Fire Goby is unlocked after you've collected 5 Clownfish and unlocked Fresh Seaweed. Any combination of Clownfish will count towards the former requirement.

2 Fire Gobies are required,along with 50 Seaweed and 10 Clams, to fuse a Firecracker Goby.

The Fire Goby, like all other normal Gobies, counts toward the players Goby total, helping to unlock Tangs.


An side view of a fire goby.

Despite their name, Fire Gobies are actually a species of dartfish and commonly referred to as Fire Dartfish or simply Fire Fish. They're native to the Indian and Pacific oceans, ranging from the Eastern coast of Africa to the Hawaiian Islands, and from the Austral Islands to the Ryukyu Islands. They're commonly found near the surface of the water and face the current in search of smaller prey.