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Special Events  occur in the game every month. The event currency used is the same in all Events, it just goes by different names and appearances. Some Events, in the top list, occur in the same month every year. The others are special, one-time events that only happen once. You can get the fish from prior events, however, through the Luck Shells.

All Event Fish[]

You can use the list below as a quick-access tool if you don't know what event a fish is from, etc. However, if you know the fish's name and its event, you should probably navigate to its page through one of the lists above.

Event Fish Index

Hiding/Golden Fish Index

Current Event
2021 Space Event

Annual Holiday Events
Valentine's Event Anniversary Event Halloween Event Christmas Event

2021 Events
New Years Valentines Space

2020 Events
New Years Hello Kitty Valentines Retro SpringTime Theme Park
Brave Viking Warriors 4th Anniversary Dessert Party Mid-summer Farm Marvelous Abyss of Oz Halloween

2019 Events
New Years Valentines Circus Spring Tea Party Wonderland
Tropical 3rd Anniversary Space Halloween Ancient Greece

2018 Events
Valentines Spring Ancient Egypt Pirate 2nd Anniversary
Halloween Christmas

2017 Events
Valentines 1st Anniversary Fall Halloween Christmas

2016 Events
Halloween Christmas