Abyssrium Wikia

Below is a comprehensive list of all event creatures that have ever been released in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. It does not include IAPs. Please note that these names are copied directly from the game, so all spelling mistakes, and spacing errors are intentional.

<tabber> Saltwater Event Fish=

Gingerbread Angelfish
Gingerbread Angel.jpg
Heart Angel
Heart Angel.jpg
Holly Angelfish
Holly Angelfish.jpg
Retro Bicolor Angel
Retro Bicolor Angel.jpg
Sand Angelfish
Sand Angelfish.jpg
Snowflake Angelfish
Snowflake Angelfish.jpg
Spade Angelfish
Spade Angelfish.jpg

Treasure Map Barracuda

Embassy Blobfish Pumpkin Blobfish
Pumpkin Blobfish.jpg
Retro Blobfish
Retro Blobfish.jpg
Toy Blobfish
Toy Blobfish.jpg
Twins Blobfish
Twins Blobfish.jpg
Witch Blobfish
Witch Blobfish.jpg
Emerald City Blobfish

Aosai Puffer Cactus Puffer
Cactus Puffer.jpg
Cupid Puffer
Cupid Puffer.jpg
Devil Boxfish
Devil Boxfish.jpg
Dogface Puffer
Dogface Puffer.jpg
Egg Puffer Green Light Bulb Boxfish
Green Light Bulb Boxfish.jpg
Jester Cowfish
Jester Cowfish.jpg
Lemon Puffer
Lemon Puffer.jpg
Moonlight Puffer
Moonlight Puffer.jpg
Parfait Puffer
Parfait Puffer.jpg
Party Blowfish
Party Blowfish.jpg
Pot Puffer
Pot Puffer.jpg
Red Light Bulb Boxfish
Red Light Bulb Boxfish.jpg
Retro Boxfish
Retro Boxfish.jpg
Retro Puffer
Retro Puffer.jpg
Snowflake Boxfish
Snowflake Boxfish.jpg
Space Boxfish
Space Boxfish.jpg
Tea Cup Cowfish Turnip Boxfish
Turnip Boxfish.jpg
Yellow Light Bulb Boxfish

Alice Butterfly
Alice Butterfly.jpg
Balloon Butterfly
Balloon Butterfly.jpg
Bone Butterfly
Bone Butterfly.jpg
Gentleman Longnose Butterfly
Gentleman Longnose Butterfly.jpg

Snowflake Cardinal
Snowflake Cardinal.jpg

Dancer Carp
Dancer Carp.jpg

Gentleman Catfish Toy Catfish
Toy Catfish.jpg

Parade Chromis
Parade Chromis.jpg

B. L. Tomato Clownfish
Balloon Clownfish
Beer Mug Clownfish
Candy Clownfish
Hot Air Balloon Clownfish
Mummy Clownfish
Pirate Clownfish
Rabbit Clownfish

Ancient Coelacanth
Ancient Coelacanth.jpg
Chesire Coelacanth
Chesire Coelacanth.jpg

Croissant Crab
Croissant Crab.jpg
Giant Toy Hermit Crab
Giant Toy Hermit Crab.jpg
Halloween Cookie Crab
Halloween Cookie Crab.jpg
Macaron Crab
Macaron Crab.jpg

Petal Crinoid

Baby Crocodile
Baby Crocodile.jpg
Band Saltwater Crocodile Garden Crocodile Mummy Crocodile
Mummy Crocodile.jpg
Pilot Saltwater Crocodile
Pilot Saltwater Crocodile.jpg
Retro Crocodile
Retro Crocodile.jpg
Visitor Crocodile
Visitor Crocodile.jpg

Cake Cuttle Fish
Cake Cuttle Fish.jpg
Circus Trainee Cuttlefish
Circus Trainee Cuttlefish.jpg
Feather Mask Cuttlefish
Feather Mask Cuttlefish.jpg
Flower Cuttlefish
Sand Cuttlefish
Sand Cuttlefish.jpg
Soft Serve Cuttlefish
Soft Serve Cuttlefish.jpg
Wizard Cuttlefish
Wizard Cuttlefish.jpg

Bone Dolphin
Bone Dolphin.jpg
Christmas Dolphin
Christmas Dolphin.jpg
Courtyard Dolphin
Courtyard Dolphin.jpg
Flower Dolphin
Flower Dolphin.jpg
Frappé Dolphin
Frappé Dolphin.jpg
Ghost Dolphin
Ghost Dolphin.jpg
Giftbox Dolphin
Giftbox Dolphin.jpg
Halloween Dolphin
Halloween Dolphin.jpg
Hera Dolphin
Hera Dolphin.jpg
Lady Dolphin
Lady Dolphin.jpg
Picnic Dolphin Rudolph Dolphin
Rudolph Dolphin.jpg
Snowflake Dolphin
Snowflake Dolphin.jpg
Star dolphin
Star dolphin.jpg
Starlight Dolphin
Starlight Dolphin.jpg
Tuxedo Dolphin
Tuxedo Dolphin.jpg
Valentine Dolphin
Valentine Dolphin.jpg

Dumbo Octopuses
Aloha Dumbo Bells Dumbo Octopus
Bells Dumbo Octopus.jpg
Bumper Car Dumbo Octopus Captain Edward Dumbo
Chocolate Dumbo Christmas Dumbo Octopus
Christmas Dumbo Octopus.jpg
Daruma Dumbo Dress Dumbo Octopus
Dumbo Octopus Fall forest dumbo octopus Garden Dumbo Octopus Giftbox Dumbo Octopus
Jester Dumbo Knight Octopus
Knight Octopus.jpg
Onion Dumbo Octopus Pharaoh Dumbo
Pharaoh Dumbo.jpg
Picnic Dumbo Octopus Pumpkin Octopus
Pumpkin Octopus.jpg
Retro Submarine Dumbo Rudolph Octopus
Space Dumbo Staff Octopus Vacances Octopus White Rabbit Dumbo
Munchkin Dumbo

Dairy Cow Dugong
Missing Fish.png
Picnic Dugong
Missing Fish.png
Rudolph Dugong
Missing Fish.png

Dragon Gulper Eel
Missing Fish.png
Nepenthes Gulper Eel
Missing Fish.png
Valentine Garden Eel
Missing Fish.png

Fairy Fish
Fall forest fairy fish
Missing Fish.png

Retro Flatfish
Missing Fish.png

Flying Fish
Butterflying Fish
Missing Fish.png
Corn Flying Fish
Missing Fish.png

Football Fish
Aloha Football Fish
Missing Fish.png
Afro Mirror Ball Fish
Missing Fish.png
Christmas Football Fish
Missing Fish.png
Fall forest football fish
Missing Fish.png
Flower Footballfish
Missing Fish.png
Flower Bud Footballfish
Missing Fish.png
Football Fish
Missing Fish.png
Knight Footballfish
Missing Fish.png
Popcorn Footballfish
Missing Fish.png
Snowglobe Football Fish
Missing Fish.png
Toy Fooballfish
Missing Fish.png
Vampire Football Fish
Missing Fish.png
Witchhouse Footballfish
Missing Fish.png

Lucky FrogFish
Missing Fish.png

Giant Isopods
Chef Giant Isopod
Missing Fish.png
Toy Bathynomus
Missing Fish.png
Viking Giant Isopod
Missing Fish.png

Cake Goby
Missing Fish.png
Honeybee Goby
Missing Fish.png
Northern Witch Goby
Missing Fish.png

Couple Kissing Gourami
Missing Fish.png

Cake Grouper
Missing Fish.png
Pink Grouper
Missing Fish.png

Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips
Missing Fish.png

Forsythia Idol
Missing Fish.png
Gold Chocolate Idol
Missing Fish.png
Jester Idol
Missing Fish.png
Retro Moorish Idol
Missing Fish.png
Silver Chocolate Idol
Missing Fish.png
West Witch Idol
Missing Fish.png

Bouquet Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Cactus Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Chandelier Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Cheongsa Lantern Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Dream Catcher Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Flower Crown Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Ghost Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Glass Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Half Rose Jellyish
Missing Fish.png
Missing Fish.png
Light jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Mad Tea Cup Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Moonlight Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Mushroom Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
NewYear Lantern Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Nyx Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Pink Jelly Fish
Missing Fish.png
Reaper Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Snowflake Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Treasurebag Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Witch Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png
Camellia Jellyfish
Missing Fish.png

Abyssal Kraken
Missing Fish.png
Halloween Kraken
Missing Fish.png
Heart King Kraken
Missing Fish.png
Zeus Kraken
Missing Fish.png

Band Lobster
Missing Fish.png
Couple Lobster
Missing Fish.png
Lobster Hook
Missing Fish.png
Santa Lobster
Missing Fish.png

Mahi Mahi
Mummy Mahi Mahi
Missing Fish.png
Party Blow Mahi Mahi
Missing Fish.png

Holy Marlin
Missing Fish.png
Pink Striped Marlin
Missing Fish.png
Retro Striped Marlin
Missing Fish.png
Star striped marlin
Missing Fish.png
Witch Marlin
Missing Fish.png

Bannerman Narwhal
Missing Fish.png
Fall forest narwhal
Missing Fish.png
Flower Narwhal
Missing Fish.png
Lamp Narwhal
Missing Fish.png
Snowflake Narwhal
Missing Fish.png
Tin Man Narwhal
Missing Fish.png

Candy Nautilus
Missing Fish.png
Flamingo Tube Nautilus
Missing Fish.png
Flower Bud Nautilus
Missing Fish.png
Giant Teapot Nautilus
Missing Fish.png
New Year Nautilus
Missing Fish.png
Parade Band Nautilus
Missing Fish.png
Pumpkin Nautilus
Missing Fish.png
Spiderweb Nautilus
Missing Fish.png
Starlight Nautilus
Missing Fish.png

Balloon Oarfish
Missing Fish.png
Forsythia Oarfish
Missing Fish.png
Heart Oarfish
Missing Fish.png
Holly Oarfish
Missing Fish.png
Retro Oarfish
Missing Fish.png
Starlight Oarfish
Missing Fish.png
Toy Oarfish
Missing Fish.png

Blanket Octopus
Missing Fish.png
Cowboy Octopus
Missing Fish.png
Egg Octopus
Missing Fish.png
Farmer Octopus
Missing Fish.png
Hades Octopus
Missing Fish.png
Space Octopus
Missing Fish.png
Wizard Octopus
Missing Fish.png
Nome King Octopus
Missing Fish.png

Count Otter
Missing Fish.png
Pajamas Otter
Missing Fish.png
Podo Daejang Otter
Missing Fish.png
Viking Otter
Missing Fish.png
Wizard Otter
Missing Fish.png
Cowardly Lion Otter
Missing Fish.png

Rum Barrel Parrotfish
Missing Fish.png
Sausage Roll Parrotfish
Missing Fish.png
Snowflake Parrotfish
Missing Fish.png

Baby Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Emperor Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Odin Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Orchard Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Postman Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Qipao Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Retro Baby Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Ringmaster Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Space Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Vampire Penguin
Missing Fish.png
Oz Penguin
Missing Fish.png

Ancient Manta Ray
Missing Fish.png
Athena Ray
Missing Fish.png
Cactus Ray
Missing Fish.png
Cocktail Bar Ray
Missing Fish.png
Fall forest ray
Missing Fish.png
Ghost Ray
Missing Fish.png
Giant Tiger Swallowtail Ray
Missing Fish.png
Gingerbread Ray
Missing Fish.png
Heart Ray
Missing Fish.png
New Year Kite Ray
Missing Fish.png
Pancake Ray
Missing Fish.png
Parade Ray
Missing Fish.png
Petal Ray
Missing Fish.png
Red Carpet Ray
Missing Fish.png
Retro Manta Ray
Missing Fish.png
Rudolph Ray
Missing Fish.png
Sea Chart Manta Ray
Missing Fish.png
Solitaire Ray
Missing Fish.png
Space Ray
Missing Fish.png
Star ray
Missing Fish.png
Stuffed Toy Ray
Missing Fish.png
Valentine Ray
Missing Fish.png
Vampire Ray
Missing Fish.png
Vegetable Garden Manta Ray
Missing Fish.png
Viking Ax Ray
Missing Fish.png
White Butterfly Ray
Missing Fish.png
West Soldier Ray
Missing Fish.png

Sea Butterflies
Bat Butterfly Sea Butterfly

Sea Pigs
Circus Trainee Sea Pig Countess Sea Pig Dandelion Sea Pig Donut Sea Pig
Reaper Seapig Rudolph Sea Pig Visitor Seapig

Sea Slugs
Bunny Seaslug Chocolate Sea Slug feather hat sea slug Flower Bud Sea Slug
Leaf Sea Slug Pink Sea Slug Slime Sea Slug
Slime Sea Slug.jpg
Snowflake Sea Slug
Starlight Sea Slug Swiss Roll Sea Slug

Sea Urchins
Viking Sea Urchin

Heart Seadragon Holly Seadragon Retro Seadragon Santa Seadragon
Solitaire Seadragon Tropical Seadragon

Ancient Seahorse Candle Seahorse Cerberus Seahorse Concierge Seahorse
Couple Seahorse Duke Seahorse Egg Seahorse Ghost Seahorse
Golden Key Seahorse Hummingbird Seahorse Kimono Seahorse Pumpkin Seahorse
Socks Seahorse Sugar Cookie Seahorse Staff Seahorse Toy Seahorse
Tropical Seahorse Vampire Seahorse Viking Ship Seahorse White Rabbit Seahorse

Ares Monk Seal Bone Monk Seal
Bone Monk Seal.jpg
Circus Trainee Monk Seal Dancer Monk Seal
Pilot Monk Seal

Admiral Basking Shark
Admiral Basking Shark.jpg
Baby Shark
Baby Shark.jpg
Balloon Whale Shark
Balloon Whale Shark.jpg
Bouquet Shark
Bouquet Shark.jpg
Coffin Shark
Coffin Shark.jpg
Goblin Shark
Goblin Shark.jpg
Holly Shark
Holly Shark.jpg
Island Shark
Island Shark.jpg
Lace Angel Shark
Lace Angel Shark.jpg
Leaf Shark Lemon Cake Shark
Lemon Cake Shark.jpg
Mummy Shark
Mummy Shark.jpg
Pavilion Shark Pink Whale Shark Rabbit Shark
Rabbit Shark.jpg
Retro Shark
Retro Shark.jpg
Retro Basking Shark
Retro Basking Shark.jpg
Sand Tiger Shark
Sand Tiger Shark.jpg
Sakura Wobbegong Snowflake Shark
Snowflake Shark.jpg
Staff Shark
Staff Shark.jpg
Toy Shark
Toy Shark.jpg
Witch Shark Wooden Shark
Wooden Shark.jpg

Sickle Fish
Star sickle fish

Ancient Spadefish
Ancient Spadefish.jpg
Lace Spadefish
Lace Spadefish.jpg
Lady Spadefish
Lady Spadefish.jpg
Lettuce Spadefish
Lettuce Spadefish.jpg
Pink Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish
Pink Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish.jpg
Pretzel Spadefish
Pretzel Spadefish.jpg

Death Squid
Death Squid.jpg
Retro Piglet Squid
Retro Piglet Squid.jpg
Santa Squid

Space Starfish
Space Starfish.jpg
Vacances Starfish
Vacances Starfish.jpg

1-year-old Sun Fish
1-year-old Sun Fish.jpg
Baby Heart Sunfish Franken Sunfish
Franken Sunfish.jpg
Ghost Sunfish
Ghost Sunfish.jpg
Party Sun Fish Sakura Sunfish Star ocean sunfish
Star ocean sunfish.jpg
Wonderland Sunfish
Wonderland Sunfish.jpg
Winter Sunfish
Winter Sunfish.jpg
White Ocean Sunfish
White Ocean Sunfish.jpg
Spotted Sunfish
Spotted Sunfish.jpg
Snowflake Sunfish
Snowflake Sunfish.jpg
Sharptail Mola
Sharptail Mola.jpg
Hoodwinker Sunfish
Hoodwinker Sunfish.jpg
Bumphead Sunfish
Bumphead Sunfish.jpg

Balloon Blue Tang
Balloon Blue Tang.jpg
Carrot Tang
Carrot Tang.jpg
Christmas Yellow Tang
Christmas Yellow Tang.jpg
Leaf Tang
Retro Blue Tang
Retro Blue Tang.jpg
Rudolph Mimic Tang
Rudolph Mimic Tang.jpg
Runestone Tang
Runestone Tang.jpg
Sakura Tang
Toy Tang
Toy Tang.jpg
Dorothy Tang

Argo Turtle
Argo Turtle.jpg
Baby Sea Turtle
Baby Sea Turtle.jpg
Band Snapping Turtle
Band Snapping Turtle.jpg
Bone Turtle
Bone Turtle.jpg
Cake Turtle
Cake Turtle.jpg
Candy Turtle
Candy Turtle.jpg
Cemetery Turtle
Cemetery Turtle.jpg
Christmas Town Turtle
Christmas Town Turtle.jpg
Compass Sea Turtle
Compass Sea Turtle.jpg
Flower Turtle Garden Turtle Giftbox Turtle
Giftbox Turtle.jpg
Jelly Turtle
Jelly Turtle.jpg
Ladybug Turtle Macaron Turtle
Macaron Turtle.jpg
Merry-go-round Turtle
Merry-go-round Turtle.jpg
Moonlight Turtle
Moonlight Turtle.jpg
Picnic Sea Turtle Retro Turtle
Retro Turtle.jpg
Snowglobe Turtle
Snowglobe Turtle.jpg
Star turtle
Star turtle.jpg
Wreath Turtle
Wreath Turtle.jpg

1-year-old Killer Whale
1-year-old Killer Whale.jpg
1-year-old Sperm Whale A Pair of Pygmy Right Whales Ancient Killer Whale
Assortment Gifts Whale
Assortment Gifts Whale.jpg
Baby Cookie Killer Whale
Baby Cookie Killer Whale.jpg
Baby Eggplant Beluga
Baby Eggplant Beluga.jpg
Baby Pink Whale
Ballroom Sperm Whale
Ballroom Sperm Whale.jpg
Circus Float Whale Fall forest whale
Fall forest whale.jpg
Farm Village Whale
Farm Village Whale.jpg
Flower Whale Garden SpermWhale
Garden SpermWhale.jpg
Gingerbread Whale
Gingerbread Whale.jpg
Heart Whale
Heart Whale.jpg
Ice Cream Whale
Ice Cream Whale.jpg
Moonlight Whale
Moonlight Whale.jpg
Parade Whale
Parade Whale.jpg
Pirateship Whale
Pirateship Whale.jpg
Retro Whale
Retro Whale.jpg
Riding Killer Whale
Riding Killer Whale.jpg
Sakura beaked whale Sakura Whale
Sand Whale
Sand Whale.jpg
Snowflake Whale
Snowflake Whale.jpg
Star whale
Star whale.jpg
Stuffed Toy Beluga
Tea Time Whale Theme Park Whale
Theme Park Whale.jpg
Tropical Whale
Tropical Whale.jpg
Valentine Whale
Valentine Whale.jpg
Valkyrie Whale
Valkyrie Whale.jpg
Wedding Town Whale
Wedding Town Whale.jpg
Witches Forest Whale
Witches Forest Whale.jpg
Wonderland Beluga
Wonderland Beluga.jpg
Wonderland Whale
Wonderland Whale.jpg
Glinda Whale
Glinda Whale.jpg
Baby Ozma Whale
Baby Ozma Whale.jpg

Corgi Family Corgi Santa Claus Cupid Girl Dragon
Farm Donkey Fenrir
Fish-shaped Bun Ghost Fish
Griffin Kuromi Newborn Chicks Pajamas Chick
Polar Bear Poseidon Princh of Abyss Rudolph
Secret Letterfish Snowy Owl Star Prince Walrus
Field Mouse Queen

|-| Freshwater Event Fish=

Heart Arowana
Heart Arowana.jpg
Warrior Arowana
Warrior Arowana.jpg

Butler Axolotl
Butler Axolotl.jpg
Cherry Blossom Axolotl Farm Assistant Axolotl
Farm Assistant Axolotl.jpg
Medusa Axolotl
Medusa Axolotl.jpg

Petal Betta

Bandmaster Frog
Bandmaster Frog.jpg
Butler Frog
Butler Frog.jpg
Elf Frog Frog Family
Frog Family.jpg
Hermes Frog
Hermes Frog.jpg
Jester Frog
Jester Frog.jpg
Vacances Frog
Vacances Frog.jpg
Warrior Boreal Digging Frog
Warrior Boreal Digging Frog.jpg
Wizard Frog
Wizard Frog.jpg
Worker Frog
Worker Frog.jpg
Scarecrow Frog
Candy Goldfish
Candy Goldfish.jpg
Flower Goldfish Heart Goldfish
Heart Goldfish.jpg

Aloha Nessie Cake Town Nessie

Zombie Pirahna
Zombie Pirahna.jpg

Aquarius Tetra Heart Tetra
Heart Tetra.jpg
Ice Pop Tetra
Ice Pop Tetra.jpg

Minotaurs Toad
Minotaurs Toad.jpg

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