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The Dress Dumbo Octopus is a friend in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. It was released in the Second Anniversary Event.


The Dress Dumbo Octopus is, in simplest terms, a Dumbo Octopus wearing a dress. It is colored light peach, and wears a dress that billows out around it as it swims. This dress is colored lighter blue at the top, slightly darker baby blue at the bottom, with a white layer capping it all off. It has a darker blue ribbon wrapped around its neck, with a bow at the front. On its head, it wears a small arrangement of three white roses around its right ear. Both of its ears are also pure white.


When it was released in the Second Anniversary Event, the Dress Dumbo Octopus as hidden and obtained by creating a Candle Seahorse while wearing all three event palette items (Costume, Dye, and Theme) and costs 2400 Cake to create once unlocked. After that event finished, the Dress Dumbo Octopus is still available in the anniversary tank, and is not hidden. The player must share 1 photo of the Central Stair (the second structure available in that tank) and transfer 5 Duke Seahorses into the Saltwater Tank.