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The Dogface Puffer is a species of friend blowfish in Abyssrium. It was added in the 1.2.1 version as part of the Halloween Event.


The Dogface Puffer is colored mostly a yellowish off-white, with occasional black spots dotted around its body. Its small fins are black with yellow stripes radiating out from their centers. Its large, black eyes are square-shaped, and its lips are also black.


To unlock the Dogface Puffer, the player is required to take a picture of a pumpkin 3 times.

Note: These pumpkins can only be seen during the Halloween event and if the lonely Corallite is level 500 or higher.


The grey variant of dogface pufferfish.

The dogface puffer is a species of blowfish found in reef slopes and lagoons, in all the Indian Ocean, except in the Red Sea, it can also be found in central Pacific Islands. Dogface puffers' color can vary fro grey to yellow, and have black spots. Dogface puffer holds the deadly poison tetrodotoxin, which protect it from predators. In order to ward off potential enemies, they can inflate their bodies by swallowing air or water. It feeds in benthic invertebrates such as sponges, crustaceans, molluscs, algae and staghorn corals.


  • The Dogface puffer is the only Halloween event friend that isn't a abyssal creature.