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African Coelacanth in-game simply yclept as Coelacanth, is a species of friend coelacanth in Abyssrium. It was added in the 1.1.8 version.


An African coelacanth along with a scuba diver, allowing a size comparision.

African coelacanth is found mainly in Mozambique Channel but also in East African Coast, and Cape Agulhas. It is one of the two species of coelacanth the other being the Indonesian coelacanth. Along with lungfish, coelacanths are the only living lobe-finned fish. Lobe-finned fish have extremely developed fins and some could even walk on land. Coelacanths were tought to be extinct since the 65 milions years ago, but in 1983 a specimen was found in South Africa.