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Tangs are a class of fish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. Most of them are unlocked by owning any combination of 5 Gobies and owning either Mysterious Starfish or White Anemone. They are the third class of fish available to the player in the Saltwater Tank, and 5 of them are required to unlock Damsels. There are currently 7 normal species (3 of which are hidden), and 8 event variants.


A Clown Tang in its natural habitat.

Tangs are a relatively small fish, but not nearly as small as Gobies. They are relatively thin and tall, some species being longer or shorter than others. Their relatively tall dorsal fin runs the entire length of their back, much like the pectoral fin on their underside. Compared to these fins, their tail fins are relatively small, as are their eyes and mouths.


When placed in any Tank, Tangs will swim freely around, sometimes (but not too often) outside the player's field of view. They prefer to stick to the upper and middle areas of the screen, and are not afraid to swim around the back of Lonely Corallite or the various rocks in the tank. Like all other fish, they will speed up considerably when tapped for Vitality of event currency by the player.

Species and Variants[]

<tabber> Normal Species =

Blue Tang
Achilles Tang
Clown Tang
Yellow Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Convict Tang
Naso Tang

|-| Fusion Species =

  • Half Black Mimic Tang
  • Sailfin Tang
  • White Tail Tang
  • White Tang
  • Bluespine Unicorn Tang

|-| Event Variants =

  • Balloon Blue Tang
  • Rudolph Mimic Tang
  • Christmas Yellow Tang
  • Toy Tang
  • Retro Blue Tang
  • Sakura Tang
  • Leaf Tang
  • Runestone Tang