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Gobies are a class of fish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. Most of them are unlocked by owning any combination of 5 Clownfish and owning Fresh Seaweed. They are the second class of fish available to the player in the Saltwater Tank, and 5 of them are required to unlock Tangs. There are currently 6 normal species (3 of which are hidden), and 2 event variants.

Shape and Size[]

A Blue Banded Goby next to some coral, showing its small size.

Gobies are a very long and thin fish with large fins. They have a dorsal fin on their head, the size and shape of which varies by species. Their second dorsal fin stretches most of the way down their back, and their anal fin is shaped much the same, except it is located on their stomach. Compared to these large fins, their pelvic fin, located just behind and below their head, and their tail fins, located at the back of their bodies, seem relatively small. Their eyes and mouth are especially small, being among the smallest facial features in the game.


When placed in any Tank, Gobies will swim freely around, sometimes (but not often) outside the player's field of view. They prefer to stick to the middle area of the screen, and are not afraid to swim around the back of Lonely Corallite or the various rocks in the tank. Like all other fish, they will speed up considerably when tapped for Vitality of event currency by the player.

Species and Variants[]

<tabber> Normal Species =

Fire Goby
Blue Banded Goby
Helfrich's Firefish
Randall's Goby
Scissortail Goby
Yellow Watchman Goby

|-| Fusion Species =

|-| Event Variants =

  • Cake Goby
  • Honeybee Goby